is a peer-reviewed electronic journal created for the exchange of ideas related mainly, to cults, mass movements, autocratic power, war, genocide, democide, holocaust, and murder. Government killing in this century, what R.J. Rummel calls democide, has accounted for the deaths over over 150,000,000 people. Genocide, and democide have occurred all over the world throughout history. But this century's escalations require a closer attention. Is it possible to discover why men murder? Is it possible to discover why men commit mass murder? Some say it is not. The phrase "Never Again", inscribed on a monument at the concentration camp Dachau in Germany, seems more a hope than a possibility, especially because many genocides have occurred since WWII. Some say it is not possible to understand why men commit such acts. If this is so, then there is no hope of preventing them, because no lasting prevention is possible without understanding. Also the study of these issues can lead to understanding single murders and even milder forms of aggression. The dispensing of others exists on a continuum from telling a child to stand in the corner to committing genocide and democide. This journal aspires to make whatever small contribution to these issues is possible.

IDEA is published by Krysia Hnatowicz Jacobs and edited by Alan Jacobs.

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Cover photo: 1996, "Wailing Wall" at KZ Mauthausen, by Alan Jacobs