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Vol.6, no.1 -- 2001

History and Prevention of Genocide Symposium 2001
December 20, 2001

Justifying Genocide: The Role of Professionals in Legitimizing Mass Killing by Alex Alvarez

Bridge to Nowhere: Rethinking the Digital Divide by William H. Thornton
There is no disputing the fact that a global information revolution is taking place. But like all revolutions, this one has its winners and losers.
October 7, 2001

The Psychological Satisfaction of Denials of the Holocaust or Other Genocides by Non-Extremists or Bigots, and Even by Known Scholars by Israel W. Charny
Analysis of the motivations and reasoning behind denials of known genocides.
July 17, 2001

Appendix 1 by Israel W. Charny
Appendix 2 by Israel W. Charny

When and Why to Use the Term Democide for “Genocide” by R. J. Rummel
The author postulates the term "Democide" to denote any murder by government, while reserving the term "Genocide" for the narrower category of government murders of people belonging to a specific group.
January 15, 2001

The Massacre in History by Eric Sterling
Book review.
January 15, 2001