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Vol.5, no.1 -- 2000

Were Ordinary Germans Hitler's 'Willing Executioners'? by Evelin Gerda Lindner, M.D.
Seduction and abandonment bring about the feelings of humiliation and resentment experienced by many Germans and Somalis today.
December 11, 2000

Conspiracies of Silence by James R. Allen, M.D.
1200 buildings destroyed and as many as 300 people shot, burned alive, or dragged behind cars. Why did this event disappear from history?
July 25, 2000

Kosovo: Orders of Magnitude by Adam Jones
Numbers matter. What was the extent of the Kosovo massacres of ethnic Albanians by the Serbs?
July 25, 2000

The News Media & Holocaust Denial by Dan Yurman
Media coverage of the Irving vs. Lipstadt trial.
May 24, 2000

Index of the Holocaust Denial Trial Media Coverage by Dan Yurman

Studies in Comparative Genocide by Adam Jones
Book review.
September 8, 2000