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Peter Mameli is Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Professor Mameli's current research interests include studying the impacts of globalization processes on public administration, transnational crime and the oversight of public sector organizations. Recent projects have focused on such topics as government surveillance operations, international crime statistics and transnational human trafficking. He has served as the Director of the Protection Management program, Coordinator of the undergraduate Public Administration program, and Director of the Saturday Masters of Public Administration program at different times while at John Jay College. Prior to working in the Department of Public Management, Professor Mameli held positions with the New York City Council, the New York City Board of Education and the New York City Office of Management and Budget.


Publications available on IDEA:

The Blue Helmets: Sexual Exploitation, Sex Trafficking and Organizational Culture in UN Peacekeeping Operations
February 8, 2011 Vol.15, No.1